Dumbass Saying: “Bigwig”

Sometimes people at your job will refer to the CEO and executives of that company as “bigwigs.” They’ll say “Oh god the bigwigs are coming for a meeting this week!” or “Oh god a bigwig caught me masturbating in the stairwell!” First off, “bigwig” was originally intended as a term for politicians. The reason for that was back in the day politicians wore big ass powdered wigs. That’s when that term made sense. Most politicians don’t wear huge powdered wigs anymore so it’s an irrelevant term. Some may wear toupees, but they’re far more reserved with their fake hair. The term “bigwig” is even more irrelevant when it’s used to describe a company executive considering that wasn’t even the intended purpose of the word. Just because someone has a big wig doesn’t mean they’re important. These days if someone has a big wig they’re probably just a transvestite. This term is completely outdated and should be erased from our language.

If you're ever intimidated by a "bigwig" just picture this.

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