Ask McFartnuggets: “Does Shaving Hair Really Make it Grow in Faster?”

That's what you get
for shaving!
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Is it true that shaving hair really makes it grow in faster? Whenever I shave my legs it always seems like the hair comes back thicker and bushier! Is there real science behind this? -- Shane from Raleigh, North Carolina

Dear Shane:
If shaving hair made it grow back faster, thicker, and longer then my anus would look like it had a wizard’s beard growing out of it by now. If that was true then bald people who have problems growing hair could just shave what little hair they had and end up with giant afros. Of course this is just a myth and it’s not even the right myth. The real myth is that PLUCKING hairs out makes them grow back faster, thicker, longer, and bushier. Somewhere along the line some dummies mixed up plucking and shaving. Obviously those are two separate things and in both cases they don’t affect hair growth. So if you’re trying to grow your ball hair out, don’t waste your time plucking out each hair with a tweezer because it’s completely unnecessary pain. Learn from my mistakes.

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