Dumbass Sayings: “Everything is Awesome”

Sometimes Lego people will say “Everything is awesome.” No, it’s not. If everything was “Awesome” then you wouldn’t even be able to breathe. You’d be in a constant state of shock and awe and probably either collapse into a coma or have a blood vessel burst in your brain and you’d die. Not everything can be awesome, that’s what makes things awesome. Things that inspire true awe are by nature rare which is why they’re special to begin with. People need to start grasping this concept instead of overusing the word “awesome” to describe everything the way British people say everything is “brilliant.” Stephen Hawking is brilliant, a tasty sandwich is not. Stephen Hawking isn’t really awesome though. That’s how extreme the word “awesome” really is. No one stares at Stephen Hawking with their mouth agape completely bemused and struck by him. If they did that you would consider it offensive because of his ALS. The things Stephen Hawking studies are awesome. Black holes are awesome. Quasars are awesome. These aren’t “everything.” There may be a shit ton of them going on in the universe right now, but in the grand scheme of “everything” they’re pretty rare. The only time you could say “everything is awesome” is if you were in Heaven, but even then you eventually get used to the way things are there and you cease to be in awe so it stops becoming awesome because by definition everything can’t be awesome.

This is what $10,000 worth of Lego bricks looks like.

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