The Top 3 Reasons Not To Do The Fist Bump

Everybody loves a
good fisting!
The fist bump is quickly replacing the handshake and high five as the preeminent two person interactive hand ritual. However, it’s not yet seen as a perfect, all-purpose gesture for a few reasons. Here are the top 3 reasons you shouldn’t do the fist bump:

3. You’re at a job interview
Unless you’re at a job interview at Foot Locker it probably would be best to not do a fist bump. Most interviewers don’t think doing something known as “props”, “bones”, “respect knuckles”, “bumping the rock”, or “knuckle crunching” is appropriate in a formal setting. A good firm handshake goes a long way at a job interview. On the other hand, a very strong fist bump may be seen as a violent act.

If your interviewer looks like this, you better keep your fist to yourself.

2. You’re at a funeral
Funerals aren’t the best place for a fist bump. If someone just lost their loved one you need to help console them. Give them a hug or even just a handshake to help comfort them. Giving them “dap” while “spudding” or giving them a “pound dogg” with a “brofist” isn’t usually the way to do it.

Apparently the Pillsbury Doughboy died.

And the number one reason not to do a fist bump is...

1. It’s really cold out
In wintertime when it gets colder people’s skin tends to crack over the knuckles and if both people have a cut on their knuckles a fist bump can cause a direct blood-to-blood transmission. It’s a small risk, but it’s still very possible. Knuckle skin is far more susceptible to breakage because of the stretching that it endures. In winter, it’s best to avoid any hand touching entirely unless you’re wearing adequate protection (gloves).

Try not to fist bump people with Eczema.

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