Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Doesn’t My Baby Like Sushi?”

Never feed a baby
Dear McFartnuggets: 
So we took our infant McNeil out to a Japanese restaurant and he tried sushi for the first time and hated it. Before you call child protective servies, no we didn’t give him wasabi. We fed him some very mild mahi tuna rolls and he absolutely hated it. What’s this baby’s problem? Sushi is delicious! Is this just something babies don’t understand like true love? -- Bryanni from Turlington, Vermont

Dear Bryanni:
Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhh… Sushi isn’t really for babies. Your baby probably had an adverse reaction to the tuna roll due to the saltiness and texture of the fish. Also, it’s not advisable to feed raw fish to your baby due to the mercury content. There may not be enough mercury to harm and adult, but over time it could have an adverse effect on an infant. A good rule of thumb is if the kid can’t operate chopsticks yet they aren’t ready for sushi. You rarely see even Japanese babies using chopsticks to eat sushi because they haven’t developed the manual dexterity and motor skill coordination.

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