Dumbass Sayings: “Pics or it Didn’t Happen”

Apparently cameras are the
only thing that assures us
reality has occurred.
When modern people want to express their incredulity of an event or claim they generally request photographic images of it by saying “Pics or it didn’t happen!” The problem with this is sometimes even though you don’t believe someone, seeing photos won’t always help. Not only can photos be doctored and falsified, but in many instances they’re very disturbing. Here are the top 5 worst times to say “Pics or it didn’t happen!”:

5. A friend’s grandmother died
If someone tells you their grandma died, even if you don’t believe them you don’t say “Pics or it didn’t happen!” Not many people have photos of their grandmother’s fresh corpse in their phone. Even if they do it’s just a bummer to take a look.

4. The Trayvon Martin case
The Trayvon Martin killing was a highly controversial event in 2012. Mostly everyone was convinced of George Zimmerman’s guilt so it wasn’t a good idea to say “Pics or it didn’t happen!” to them. Even though it’s totally normal to want photographic evidence of a murder in order to convict, there appeared to be sufficient supplemental evidence to prove what happened.

3. Someone at work had a miscarriage
When someone at work was out for a few days and rumors were spreading that they had a miscarriage or an abortion, you don’t say “Pics or it didn’t happen!” You might not believe it, but really come on. No one posts those pics on Facebook and even if they do, what’s the proper response? Do you ‘like’ it? You don’t want to get into all that. Even though you mean it as a non-literal like and more of a thumbs up of support, it’ll be seen as a literal like.

2. Sex change surgery
When you go to Thanksgiving dinner and find out your cousin had sex change surgery you definitely don’t say “Pics or it didn’t happen.” That’s one of those things you just take their word for. Either that or you go into the garage and take a look for yourself in person. There’s no need for pics is what I’m saying.

And the number one worst time to say “Pics or it didn’t happen” is.

1. The Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri
This is a really hot story right now, literally, they’re burning Missouri in riots over this. Now the biggest deal with this case is that there is basically no credible eyewitness evidence, pictures, or video of what happened. It is this fact that has led to the officer who killed Michael Brown to be let off the hook. In essence, the courts said “Pics or it didn’t happen” and that’s not an acceptable answer for a lot of people.

Try telling someone in Ferguson, Missouri "Pics or it didn't happen!"

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