Dumbass Sayings: “Hair of the Dog That Bit Me”

Sometimes you’ll hear your Uncle Jeff wake up after a night out drinking say “I need some hair of the dog that bit me!” Then he takes a bottle of Jack Daniels and starts chugging away. This is a really absurd saying. “Hair of the dog” is something generally said by alcoholics who believe that the best way to fight a hangover is to drink more of the thing that they got hammered on the night before. I don’t know why it’s called hair of the dog though. You shit your pants in the back of a cop car, that had nothing to do with a dog. This saying just flat out doesn’t make sense. Let’s say a dog bit you, why would you even go near it again much less start consuming its fur? That’s ridiculous. What you should be doing is getting yourself checked for rabies and staying away from wild dingos. And you’re just drinking more of the same thing, that’s not the hair of the dog, that’s the whole dog. If anything it’s the puppy of the dog that bit you, except instead of being cute, it’s alcoholism.

Yeah that was the little bastard! Now let's shave him and get this over with.

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