Dumbass Saying: “The Stink Eye”

When someone looks at you in a mean way some people call that “The stink eye.” I have no idea how this phrase came to mean that. Giving someone a mean look is not the stink eye, The Stink Eye is when you moon someone and spread your buttcheeks open so they can see your butthole and you wink at them with it at least once. THAT is the real stink eye that I think we all grew up with. Calling a mean look “the stink eye” doesn’t even make sense. Unless the person is a pirate with an eye patch looking at you with only one eye then it would be stink eyeS. Even if a cyclops was giving you a dirty look, we all know “stink eye” is a synonym for the human anus. The only way saying “stink eye” to mean a dirty look makes sense is if you’re calling the person giving you the look an "asshole." Honestly I don’t think that’s the reasoning behind the name though. That’s a little too convoluted. Calling someone showing you their butthole “the stink eye” is much more straightforward and we all know two things can’t be named the same thing so let’s come up with a new name for a dirty look and leave stink eye to its rightful owner.

This is the one and only stink eye as far as I'm concerned.

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