Ask McFartnuggets: “Shouldn’t it Be Called African American Friday?”

Just call it Day of Death.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Every Friday after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday” but isn’t that a little politically incorrect? Shouldn’t people call it “African American Friday”? And why the hell are we even naming this day after African American people anyway? Sure I see a lot of African American people out shopping on Black Friday but I also see a lot of White and Hispanic people too. If we’re going to name this day after a type of people shouldn’t it be Jew Friday? -- Neil from Columbia, Maryland

Dear Neil:
Wow that was uncalled for. And to your question it shouldn’t be called “African American Friday” because the Black in Black Friday is not a reference to an ethnicity. Even if it was, Black is currently an acceptable term to denote people of African-American persuasion. The word “black” generally refers to the fact that businesses make enough money on that day to go from the red (negative profit) to black. It’s also for all the black eyes you get from fighting random strangers for discounted plasma TVs.

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