Ask McFartnuggets: “Is Daytime Network TV Sexist?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
How come nearly every show on daytime network TV is a female themed talk show or soap opera? Why don’t they have more shows geared toward men? There are lots of men who do nothing but watch TV all day so where are their shows? According to networks, women are the only people who sit on their asses all day at home while men are out working. That is so sexist! How come more people don’t bring this up? It’s very offensive. -- Brittany from Peoria, Illinois

Dear Brittany:
Well it is sexist, but you don’t hear too many women complaining about this because they’re too busy enjoying the programs. This is one of those sexist things that women actually benefit from because the assumption that women watch TV all day is offensive to women, but it’s actually hurting men because they’re the ones who end up with nothing good to watch. It’s a very confusing situation. And I guess more male feminists would complain, but they’re either busy at work or too stoned to care and laughing their asses off at “Days of Our Lives.”

Yes, "Good Housekeeping" invented Beer Pong back in 1928.

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