Dumbass Sayings: “Bust My Ass”

A lot of times you’ll hear someone say something like “I busted my ass to get that report done on time!” Really? You busted your ass? Do people even pay attention to language anymore? “Bust” means “Burst.” Let me get this straight, you worked so hard your rectum burst open?  Look, I understand it’s an exaggeration, but how the hell would that even happen? Hard work doesn’t involve anything with the human ass or butthole. Unless you’re trying to start a fire with your asshair and a wooden dildo I don’t really see how anyone would have to bust their ass to get something done. I just don’t know why people use phrases with this type of disturbing imagery. Everytime someone says “I busted my ass” I picture a hemorrhoid exploding. Some surgeon is going to have to bust their ass to fix that. And sometimes you’ll hear a pornstar say “I busted my ass to get to where I am today!” No, someone busted ON Your ass. There’s a difference. People need to just stop with this nonsense. The only time anyone is busting asses is during anal copulation and while you could consider that hard work, it’s clearly not appropriate discussion in the workplace.

This is what I picture when people say they busted their ass.

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