Dumbass Sayings: “Up For Whatever”

Bud Light’s newest ad campaign features people on fake hidden cameras enjoying wacky nights out after saying they’re “Up for whatever.” This is just a flat out dumb phrase. It used to be “Up for anything” then it drank a bunch of Bud Light and became “Up for whatever.” That just sounds worse. It doesn’t nearly have the optimism as “up for anything.” Saying you’re “Up for whatever” is one of the stupidest things you can do because “whatever” entails a lot. You can say you’re “up for whatever” then you end up drugged by a transgender serial killer and locked in a basement where the floors are littered with baby skulls. That would technically classify as “whatever.” Then you have to look at yourself in the reflection in the pool of blood and think “I asked for this…” That’s a painful moment. You can’t be vague when it comes to what you want to do during a night out because that’s when trouble starts. Bud Light commercials only show the positive things that can happen to you when you’re up for whatever like meeting Don Cheadle. They don’t show the negatives like waking up in a homeless dumpster orgy wearing a pink cocktail dress you’ve never seen before. Have a plan when you’re going out. Set specific goals for yourself, visualize, and achieve them because in reality, wandering around drunk rarely ends well. And no, a woman telling you she’s “Up for whatever” doesn’t legally count as consent.

How can being "up for whatever" and being "down for whatever" mean the same thing?

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