Ask McFartnuggets: “Is it Okay to Tell Another Man He Has a Cute Dog?”

Everyone knows dogs are
cute, you don't have to
mention it.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
As a grown man, is it okay for me to tell another man he has a cute dog or is that seen as weird? What if the dog is really cute? Am I just supposed to let that cuteness walk by without me mentioning it? Come on! -- Salvador from Venice Beach, California

Dear Salvador:
You certainly can tell another man he has a cute dog, but it is awkward and weird. The thing that makes it weird is that even though you’re complimenting the dog, the dog doesn’t know you’re complimenting it. The compliment really isn’t for the dog’s benefit. You’re not feeding the ego of the dog when you call it cute. Rather, you’re attempting to make conversation with the owner. In many cases a guy will get a cute dog in order to start conversations with women. So basically calling a man’s dog cute is less of a compliment to the actual dog and pointing out the obvious and more of an icebreaker to talk to another man. It may not be your intention, but that’s how it’s seen and that’s what makes it seem slightly gay. The only real reason you'd ever compliment someone on their dog is to compliment their taste in dogs, but it's pretty difficult to have a bad taste in dogs. Telling someone they have a cute dog is like telling them they have eyeballs. That's not even really a compliment.

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