Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Is The News Making Such A Big Deal About The Virgin Galactic Accident?”

Apparently when you fly planes
into space bad things happen.
Dear McFartnuggets:  
The biggest story in the news the past few days has been this exploding Virgin Galactic space rocket plane that killed one person. Why is this such a tragedy? It’s not even like it was an innocent person who didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. It was a guy who was trying to fly into space on Cessna plane strapped to a rocket! Obviously you’re taking a risk when you decide to do something like that. Sure it’s sad that he died and we wish he didn’t, but how many police officers and firefighters have died in the meantime and no one even mentions them. There are actual heroes out there dying every day in tragedies no one talks about, meanwhile some guy dies trying to make a breakthrough for celebrity space tourism and that’s a reason to hold a candlelight vigil for an entire week. Where are people’s priorities? -- Veronica from St. Louis, Missouri

Dear Veronica:
Well you hit the nail right on the head there noting that it’s all about celebrity space tourism. Virgin Galactic is known for pre-selling trips for millions of dollars to people like Tom Hanks and all these famous people so that puts their future at risk. You could imagine the insanity if Tom Hanks accidentally died going to space on one of those rocket planes. That’s the real reason the news cares about this story. No one actually knows anything about the guy who died, no one really cares sadly enough, but the idea that it could have been some rich celebrity paying to go to space or Richard Branson himself, then that’s apparently enough to be a top news story. Plus, it’s been a slow news week. Ebola is slowing down and ISIS hasn’t cut anyone’s head off in awhile so that creates a vacuum for the news fear cycle. They have to plug something else into that void and when they do that it becomes blown way out of proportion. It happens all the time, this time it just happened to be an exploding space plane.

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