The Top 5 Worst Vacation Destinations for 2015

Your vacation photos
shouldn't double as
missing posters.
It’s never too late to start making plans for your summer vacation. Part of deciding on a great vacation spot is ruling out potential mistakes so you don’t waste your time and money. Here are the top 5 worst vacation destinations for 2015:

5. Antarctica
The desolation and quiet might seem like the ideal place to take a summer vacation, but it’s the cold that really gets you. The average temperature in Antarctica is around -4 degrees fahrenheit and the coldest temperature on Earth was recorded in Antarctica at -128.56 F. Climate change may be melting it a little, but you still run the risk of severe hypothermia.

Welcome to your hotel resort.

4. Somalia
You might be a big fan of pirates and think “Oh, Somalia has real pirates! Let’s go there and have a maritime adventure!” You won’t find Captain Jack Sparrow in Somalia, but you may end up with a machete to your throat with some twelve year old saying “I am the captain now.” Not exactly a moment you want to share on Facebook.

This is a Thanksgiving feast to most Somalians.

3. Iraq
Iraq was just getting on its way to being a decent tourist spot until ISIL came along and ruined everything America had been working on for the past two decades. Now it’s a orgy of chaos and death again and it’s not recommended to book a hotel for a family getaway anymore.

There's clearly nothing interesting down there.

2. Sierra Leone
Ebola’s pretty hot there right now. Even if you went and managed to have a good time it could be a little difficult to get back without being put in quarantine which means you need to allocate even more time off work to make this trip.

Farming rice isn't fun enough to risk getting Ebola.

And the number one worst vacation destination for 2015 is…

1. Afghanistan
Afghanistan is a perennial locale on this list. It seems like every time someone takes a visit to Afghanistan for their lovely hiking they wind up being kidnapped by local militants. From there it gets very dicey. You may live and have a great story to tell for the rest of your life, or you may be beheaded. Probably the beheaded part.

Don't let their booming pomegranate industry fool you.

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