The Top 5 Worst Times To Think of a Funny Joke

Laughing can lead to very
uncomfortable situations.
Sometimes you’re just standing around minding your own business when all of a sudden a funny joke or thought pops into your head and you start laughing hysterically. To people who see you do this you appear insane and that’s fine. However, sometimes you do this at an inopportune time when other things are happening around you and it makes you look like an asshole or a monster or a monster asshole. Here are the top 5 worst times to think of a funny joke:

5. While a hobo is begging for money
Sometimes you’re on a bus or a train when a hobo is making their rounds making his or her sales pitch for donations. They’re telling a really sad story while everyone tries to avoid making eye contact with them or their baby. This is a pretty bad time to think about a silly joke or situation that makes you start laughing. It’s even bad just to smirk a little because you still look like a huge dickwad.

4. When someone is telling you about their plan to commit suicide
When a co-worker has you cornered and starts telling you their elaborate plan to commit suicide you definitely don’t want to space out and think about a llama eating corn on the cob or something like that. You should be attentive and tell them not to do it. Laughing will only make them feel much more depressed.

3. When you meet a handicapped person
Sometimes you meet a handicapped person and suddenly a funny joke pops into your head that has nothing to do with handicapped people. Maybe their wheelchair just made you think about a jogger which made you remember your grandpa who loved jogging and the time he shit his pants at Thanksgiving. Now you’re laughing heartily, seemingly at this handicapable person and everyone at the party thinks you’re a world class piece of shit.

2. During a funeral
Some people who lived happy lighthearted lives have families that don’t really mind if you laugh at a funeral. These are the people who try to think of it more like a celebration of the person’s life. But if by some chance you’re at the funeral of a person who has a very serious family and you’re bored during the eulogy and you start thinking of a clown masturbating with a dildo, that’s a bad situation to be in.

And the number one worst possible times to think of a funny joke is…

1. While standing at a urinal
Thinking of a silly joke while you’re standing at a urinal peeing seems innocent enough. Unfortunately, if there’s a guy standing next to you and he sees you laughing there’s a chance he might think you’re laughing at his penis. This is rare, but you really never want to be in that situation. Some people can get really offended at things like that, to the point of trying to kill you.

Urination is neither a team effort or a laughing matter.

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