Ask McFartnuggets: “My Grandmother Came Out as Transgender! What Do I Do?”

The older you are the
less gender matters.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
So about a month ago my grandmother came out to the family as transgender and is now my Grandpa George. Everyone’s taking it pretty hard, it’s just very awkward and Thanksgiving is going to feel really weird. I want to just accept her I mean him for who he is now, but everyone in town is making fun of us. They keep calling her “Reverse Mrs. Doubtfire” and it’s so ridiculous to people that they just keep joking about it and teasing our family whenever they can. Is there something I can do to help accept my grandma I mean grandpa for who he is? -- Taylor from Mobile, Alabama

Dear Taylor:
People are going to mock your new grandpa no matter what so you can’t even concern yourself with them. Those people don’t matter. The only person who matters is Grandpa George. It must have been really difficult to live for that long under a false identity so you should really try to help her I mean him make up for lost time. And never make someone ashamed or upset about being who they want to be as long as that’s not a murderer or a molester. If it’s just a person of a different gender then that’s not hurting anyone and they should be comforted by their family. Sure Thanksgiving will be a little weird, but play some football with your grandpa and don’t be afraid to throw a hard tackle his way to let him know you acknowledge him as a man now. I’m sure he’ll be delighted and finally feel accepted for who he is. Good luck!

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