Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Does Golden Corral Offer A Free Meal To The U.S. Military?”

Veterans are familiar with
the term "Fire in the hole!"
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Golden Corral buffet offers a free meal on Veterans Day to any U.S. military veterans or current service members, but don’t our heroes deserve better than Golden Corral? Basically they’re just getting free diarrhea. The amount of toilet paper and Pepto Bismol they’ll have to use must at the end of the day negate the cost of a free meal. Why don’t other better restaurants do this? -- Sharon from Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sharon:
Yeah it is like thanking our troops and veterans with diarrhea, cramps, and indigestion, but at least it’s a nice gesture. No one’s forcing them to eat there. If they somehow enjoy Golden Corral then it’s a great thing. When you’ve been fighting and eating MREs in Iraq and Afghanistan for years, Golden Corral can’t be THAT bad. Outback Steakhouse does offer troops a free bloomin’ onion which is good, but it shows how expensive it can be to offer veterans free food. That’s probably why Golden Corral is the only place that gives away a free buffet meal because the food is cheap enough that it won’t break their business. At the same time, the cheapness of the food is the reason everyone gets diarrhea so it’s a give and take.

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