The Top 5 Ways To Tell if a Woman is Really a Man

If you've ever been burned
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With science and surgery becoming more and more advanced and alternative lifestyles becoming more accepted, there are going to be a lot more transgender individuals running around out there. Let’s face it, most people have been fooled at one time or another whether they want to admit it or not. Some of these transgender folks are very convincing. However, there are certain things you can look for if you’re really worried about getting fooled again. Here are the top five ways to tell a woman is really a biological man:

5. Throat
Most people think the easiest way to spot a woman who’s really a man is the Adam’s apple. While this is a good indicator, you can’t be fully confident about this since there is a surgery called Chondrolaryngoplasty where a surgeon actually shaves the Adam’s apple down so it’s hardly noticeable.

Never take "It's an Eve's Plum" as an excuse.

4. Feet and hands
A woman’s feet are generally much smaller than a man’s, however this isn’t the best way to notice if someone’s a transgender because feet can be difficult to see especially in a dark nightclub. Also, there are some real women out there with some big ass feet. Hands are a better indicator because like feet they usually aren’t surgically manipulated to be smaller and they’re much easier to see. If a lady can palm a basketball it’s probably a guy.

This is a man's foot. Notice the longer structure.

3. Lung capacity
Female lungs are naturally smaller than males and that’s not something that can be altered by surgery. A woman’s lung capacity is generally around 25% less than a man’s. So if you’re ever unsure of a person’s gender get into a breath holding contest with them. If you win, there’s a good chance it’s a woman.

When someone comments on a woman's "Set of lungs" usually they're referring to breasts because women's actual lungs are really nothing to brag about.

2. Heart rate
If you’re really trying to figure out someone’s gender you should test their baseline heart rate. The average heart rate of a man is 70 beats/minute, and a woman’s is 78 beats/minute. Women’s hearts generally beat faster than men’s which explains why they’re always so worried about things. It’s not their fault, it’s biology.

Always take a heart rate monitor with you when you're going out. You never know when you'll need to do a quick test.

And the number one best way to tell a woman is really a man is…

1. Temperature sensitivity
One thing everyone knows about women is they’re always cold. Women naturally have a higher tolerance for heat and so they’re more sensitive to cold. If you’re with a woman who doesn’t complain about being cold every five seconds and you’ve noticed some other questionable traits, she beat you in a breath holding contest and has a slow heart rate, then there’s a very decent chance it could be a guy.

See this is probably a woman because of how bundled up it is.

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