The Top 10 Worst Things to Say to Siri in Public

Just because you're talking
to Siri doesn't mean other
people aren't listening.
For many people, Siri has changed the way they live life. Having a personal assistant in your phone can be very convenient, but like a conversation with a real person you need to be aware of your surroundings. It can be easy to forget you’re around other people when you’re talking to Siri and that’s when some embarrassing situations can occur. Here are the top 10 worst things to say to Siri in public:

10. "Siri, get me directions to local erotic bookstores.”

9. “Siri, listen to Justin Bieber."

8. “Siri, send text to Janet: Last night was crazy I can’t believe how much you peed.”

7. "Siri, send text to Janet: What do you mean you have genital herpes?!?!"

6. “Siri, remind me to feed the dwarf captives in my attic tomorrow at 10 AM."

5. “Siri, remind me to purchase mini condoms tomorrow at 6 PM.”

4. “Siri, find voluptuous, overweight escorts in my area.”

3. “Siri, search the web for “How to stop daily anal discharge.”

2. “Siri, search the web for “How to perform a home abortion.”

And the number one worst thing to say to Siri when you’re in public is...

1. “Siri, search the web for “What’s the best way to get rid of several corpses quickly without the police finding out.”

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