Ask McFartnuggets: “If The Flu is More Dangerous Than Ebola Why Isn’t There A Flu Czar?”

Czars should start
dressing the part.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
“Experts” are always saying how people are making too big of a deal over Ebola when the Flu is much more deadly. They say how the Flu kills thousands of people every year so Ebola is nothing compared to that since it’s only killed one person in America so far. Well if the Flu is so much worse than Ebola how come there’s an Ebola Czar but there’s no Flu Czar? If something isn’t serious why would it require a Czar? -- Morgan from Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Morgan:
That’s a good point, but remember George W. Bush had to assign a Bird Flu Czar during his Presidency. Czars are needed to deal with scary short term issues like Bird Flu and Ebola. Rape is more of a problem in the world, but there’s no Rape Czar. And yes, Influenza is extremely deadly and does kill way more than Ebola. If people are going to fear Ebola then they need to start fearing the Flu even more! People think saying the Flu kills more than Ebola would help people calm down about Ebola, but what sense does that make? The real issue is that people aren’t more horrified about the common cold. That’s such a bullshit name. Maybe if we called Ebola “Meh” then people wouldn’t be as concerned.

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