Dumbass Sayings: “Playing Doctor”

When you’re a kid and you go off into the woods to show your genitals to another kid that’s called “Playing doctor.” This is a very confusing and disturbing phrase. What kind of doctor is this? Why the hell is showing your genitals and having someone else show you their genitals called “playing doctor”? What kind of doctor are you going to? What doctor gets naked in front of you? Now there might be scenarios where you show your genitals to a doctor, but there should never be a scenario where the doctor shows you their genitals. It’s the reciprocation of the nudity that’s a key part to “playing doctor” so I have no idea why that’s called playing “doctor.” And the more startling thing about this phrase is it’s something young people do, but they’re not the ones who decide to call it this. Adults somewhere are telling kids about this game. Why and how that’s happening is a serious problem. No adults should be telling kids about “playing doctor.” I doubt kids just automatically all call it “playing doctor.” Someone has to teach them that and that’s just wrong.

If your doctor is showing you his nipples then you should start to worry.

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