Dumbass Sayings: “No, Thanks”

Whenever a website wants you to download their app or some program they have two buttons, one is “Install Now” and the other is “No, Thanks.” Why does the rejection button say “No, Thanks”? It should be more reflective of how someone actually feels and say “Thanks, but NO THANKS” or “Yeah no...” or “NAHHHHH!!!” or “Go shove your app up your ass!” Don’t push your phony courteousness on me and put words on my click! They should let you type in your own response when you push the “No, Thanks” button. Why do they force the polite manners like that? If they’re going to make you click “No, Thanks” then the one that says “Install Now” should say “Install Now, Please!” They don’t say that though. Why? You don’t need to be polite when you’re clicking buttons on the internet, which begs the question why is the “No, Thanks” thing there? It would be in the company’s best interest to have the button say “No” that way it’s smaller and people have a harder time clicking it. Then maybe they’d hit the “Install now” by accident. What the hell are these internet webmaster people thinking? Rejection isn’t something you can really sugarcoat. A woman saying “No, thanks” when you ask her out to an orgy isn’t really any better than her being more honest about how disgusting she thinks you are. At the end of the day these companies are having their apps ignored and no amount of artificial polite language that no one even reads will ever will change that.

What, do I look like an eighteenth century Englishman?

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