Dumbass Sayings: “Candlelight Vigil”

When a person dies in a tragedy sometimes people in their neighborhood will engage in a “candlelight vigil.” This is where they stand around praying while holding candles with a little cup surrounding the flame. I’m not going to question why people stand around praying, but I will question why they need to hold candles. What is the purpose of candles in this situation? If they used lanterns would the prayers not work? If they prayed without holding a candle just standing by a lamp post would that not be as good? I think people just like the candles because of the way it looks when a bunch of people are gathered around holding them. That’s kind of messed up. It’s about the person who died not the group of people. And why bother even calling them “candlelight vigils”? Why not just “vigils”? What other types of vigils are there? There are no ham sandwich vigils. It’s always candles so let’s just save some syllables there.

Candles are like prayer boosters.

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