Ask McFartnuggets: “Why is Redskin Offensive But The Tomahawk Chop Isn’t?”

The Seminole tribe lets
a lot of shit slide.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Why come Native Americans are all up in arms about the term “Redskin” being offensive and racist but you never hear shit about the tomahawk chop people do? That repetitive hand chop gesture with the mocking ass “Ohhhh ohhh ohhhhhohh ohhhhh” chant would probably be more offensive to me if I was Native American. I know it’s comparing apples and oranges, but if you’re comparing apples and oranges you have to at least consider them on the same level. How many of the thousands of non Native American people who get behind the phony outrage about saying Redskins go to an Atlanta Braves game or Florida St. game and do the tomahawk chop like a damn fool? If Redskin is the equivalent of calling people Blackskin and Yellowskin then the Tomahawk chop would be equivalent to tapdancing on a minstrel show or doing a bow while speaking fake Chinese. Those things are considered racist so why not the Tomahawk chop? -- Rachel from San Diego, California

Dear Rachel:
From what I’ve heard, Native Americans tend to support the tomahawk chop for some reason. I guess it’s less derogatory since it’s not a word. Ultimately, it’s not a decision for you to make. The decision over what’s offensive and what’s not offensive can only be made by the people that thing in question is targeted at. The Native Americans will tell us if the tomahawk chop makes them uncomfortable, til then I suppose it’s okay to do. On the other hand, they have boisterously told everyone that Redskin is offensive so it’s up to people to start phasing that out of their vocabulary if they’re concerned with the feelings of Native Americans. The problem is not many people interact with Native Americans on a daily basis so the pressure just isn’t there the way it is with the N-word or even the other R-word. If people aren’t taking the outrage about Redskin seriously then that doesn’t look good for the tomahawk chop.

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