The Top 5 Worst Foods To Eat Out of a Diaper in Public

In a pinch, diapers make
a decent food container.
If you have a baby or fecal incontinence issues you know that diapers are a convenient substitute for a bowl when you need to eat something that’s difficult to hold. The only problem with this is sometimes this can look very awkward and strange to people when they see you chowing down on certain foods. Here are the top 5 worst foods to eat out of a diaper in public:

5. Warm chili
When someone offers you some piping hot chili and you have no bowl around it’s understandable to hold a diaper out in front of them to use that as a makeshit bowl. Unfortunately it looks very odd to people when they see you slurping up steaming lumpy brown fluid out of a diaper.

Eating this from a diaper will likely elicit a lot of stares.

4. Jambalaya
Jambalaya looks more like vomit than diarrhea, but it’s just stranger looking than chili. There’s also sometimes corn in there.

"How to make Jambalaya."

3. Melted chunky peanut butter
Melted peanut butter is one of the most difficult and messiest foods to eat. It usually ends up all over your mouth and hands which isn’t a good look when you’re lapping it up out of a diaper.

Adding jelly won't really make it look any better.

2. Blood pudding
Blood pudding is kind of gross even when it’s on a normal plate, but when you’re eating it out of a diaper it looks like you’re eating the aftermath of a horrible accident.

Who could resist something that looks like a deep fried bloody caterpillar dick.

And the number one worst food to eat out of a diaper is:

1. Guacamole
The thing about guacamole is it’s green which is sometimes the color of baby shit. So when someone sees you eating guacamole out of a diaper to them it may as well be baby poo. Most people don’t eat guacamole straight up so there’s not much room for a reasonable explanation in the minds of someone who sees you eating guac out of a Pamper.

Now you know why guacamole turns brown so fast.

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