Dumbass Sayings: “You Got Jokes”

Sometimes when you’re in a heated argument with an elderly lady on the street you say “I would diss yo momma right now, but the bitch is clearly dead so I ain’t even gonna go there!” Everyone in the crowd surrounding you two go “OHHHHHH!!!” and “Oh snapppp…” Then she says “Oh you got jokes!” Yes, I do “got jokes.” What is the point of saying this? “You got jokes” is just something people say when they have no comeback. You may as well just go “You just said that!” Yeah I know… You’re not adding anything to escalate this, you’re merely stating what’s occurring. It’d be like if we actually got into a fist fight, I punched you and you said “OH YOU CAN PUNCH!” Do you realize how stupid that sounds? But see in an actual fight you wouldn’t say that because you would be too busy trying to punch back. For some reason when it’s a verbal battle “Oh you got jokes” is seen as a retaliatory statement. Really it’s just a placeholder while your brain tries to think of something else to say. Usually that thing you’re thinking of never comes and it devolves into a street fight. At that point I’m beating the shit out of an elderly lady and I don’t want that. I never wanted that! It was self defense. She had a cane. That was use of a deadly weapon.

When you say "You got jokes!" you turn yourself into more of a heckler than a credible street fight opponent. I hope you learned your lesson, you old bitch.

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