Dumbass Sayings: “Getting The Short End of The Stick”

When someone says you got the “short end of the stick” that basically means you got a bad deal. What sense does that really make? If you’re getting a stick, why would you only get an end of it? If you’re receiving the end of a stick then there’s a good chance that’s because it’s going up your ass. Or maybe you’re being beaten with an end of a stick. If that’s the case then getting the short end would be a GOOD THING. This saying is just completely confused and ridiculous. Some people even say “the long end of the stick” meaning the short end of the stick. Apparently they’re interchangable which makes absolutely no damn sense. No one really knows where this saying came from or why people even still use it. The only real acceptable form of this saying is getting the “wrong end of the stick.” You still have no idea how an end of a stick could be right or wrong, but at least it’s a little more straightforward. Saying you got the wrong end of the stick leaves less to the imagination. Why you’re still likening a scenario to receiving an end of a stick is beyond my understanding.

How can there even be a short end of a stick? A stick no matter what length would be seen as having two equal halves.

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