Ask McFartnuggets: “Do The Cleveland Indians Have More Scalpers Outside Their Stadium Than Other Teams?”

Dear McFartnuggets: Does the Cleveland Indians baseball team have more ticket scalpers outside their stadium selling tickets than other sports teams? -- Riley from Springfield, Illinois

Dear Riley:
Oh because they’re “Indians” they would have more “scalpers” right? That’s very funny… No I don’t think there is any truth to this. They probably have the same exact amount as the Redskins or Seminoles or any other non-Native American related major sports team. “Indian” isn’t even the proper term anymore. If anything they should have yoga practitioners and bollywood actors selling tickets in the parking lots. By the way you should never trust a scalper. The name itself should tell you they’re up to no good. Whether it’s illegally selling you tickets or chopping the top of your head off with a hatchet, it’s all bad news.

Just take a little off the top...

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