Dumbass Sayings: "You Never Lost It!"

Sometimes when you're at a friend's bar mitzvah and his great aunt is twerking to an Usher song she will drunkenly scream "I still got it!" Then inevitably someone will yell back "You never lost it!" Then everybody laughs. This seems like a good thing to say, but it's actually stupid when you think about it. If someone says "Still got it" then they're stating they never lost it. So by saying "You never lost it!" you're basically parroting what they just said. You really may as well just say "You still got it!" Of course no one would do that because that sounds stupid as hell. If the person said "I lost it, but I think I got it back!" Then it would be okay to say "You never lost it." In that context it would make sense. Otherwise you're just repeating what the person said just with different words and that's pointless.

You may still have it, but it's useless now that no one dances the Jitterbug anymore.

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