Dumbass Sayings: "Winging It"

When your alcoholic brother-in-law delivers a eulogy at your aunt's wedding despite never knowing her he says "Don't worry, gaylord. I'm gonna WING IT!" Why is this term still in use? I don't see how you can compare human improvisation to winged flight. A bird isn't just going with the flow and riffing when it's up there flapping away through the skies. The bird has a clear idea of what it's doing that has been programmed by millions of years of evolutionary instinct. So to say you're going to "WING it" is a ridiculous thing to say unless for some reason you're delivering a speech at a Hooters or something. In any other situation, particularly the funeral of a woman who died in a plane crash it is a highly idiotic thing to say. If you're going to compare improv to an aviation situation I would say it's more like flying without an air traffic controller guiding you. Why don't people just say that? Does that make too much sense? Is that the problem?

If you're ever amputating someone's arm don't say you're "Winging it."

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