Dumbass Sayings: “I’ll See You in Hell!”

Sometimes when your deranged ex-wife breaks into your house and aims a shotgun at your chest, right before you kick it off to the side and it discharges into the wall she screams “I’LL SEE YOU IN HELL!” This is such a silly thing to say to someone. First of all you’re admitting that you yourself deserve to be in hell. Why would you ever do that? Most people want to claim the moral high ground over their rivals, but saying “I’ll see you in hell” puts you on their exact level. Also, why would you say the  “I’ll see you…” part? It’s basically like saying “I’ll see ya later!” If you hate someone why would you make a statement like that anticipating a future encounter? Isn’t the whole idea that you hate this person and never want to see them again? Why would you put yourself in a situation where not only do you see them again, but you’re both in Hell forever where you’re bound to run into each other fairly often. Just say something like “I hope you enjoy Hell” in a sarcastic tone instead. What’s wrong with that?

Satan must play host to a great deal of reunions.

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