Ask McFartnuggets: "Why is Superman Called a Man When He's An Alien?"

Dear McFartnuggets: 
How come people are always calling Clark Kent Superman? They also call him Man of Steel. He’s not a man, yo! He comes from the planet Krypton you idiots! The last time I checked that meant you were not part of the human race aka a MAN or woman. He's a damn alien and people need to start referring to him as such. Call him Superalien or some such term. Superkryptonian or some shit. Come on ya'll! -- Kelvin from Dublin, Ohio

Dear Kelvin:
People call him Superman because we wish he was human. We all wish we could be like him and so anything we can do to relate to him or relate him to us helps. Also, he's saved Earth and people so many times that he's pretty much an honorary human at this point. Also, Superalien just doesn’t sound as good. I think the best we could do is just refer to him as Kal-El, his actual name. It’s kind of like how Chinese movie stars come to America and get American names. Bruce Lee’s real name wasn’t Bruce Lee, but it would have been weird to call him Lee Jun-fan or Super Chinese. Hopefully that puts it into terms you can understand.

It's a good thing Superman didn't look like this. We would have probably killed him ourselves.

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