Dumbass Sayings: “Living Well is the Best Revenge”

There’s a popular saying that people use after they’ve been taken advantage of or hurt and that’s “Living well is the best revenge.” The idea is that it’s better to just focus on improving your own life than deal directly with your enemies. It’s a nice sentiment, but it’s ultimately false. If living well was really the best revenge then Bruce Wayne would never have become Batman. He would have just enjoyed his life as a billionaire and that supposedly would have been enough to pay back Joe Chill for murdering his parents. Now that may be a passive form of revenge, but it’s certainly not the BEST. I think beating the shit out of someone would be the “best” revenge. If a man murders your family I don’t think he gives a damn if you’re living well after that. It’s not like people who screw you over keep tabs on you to monitor how well you’re dealing with being insulted or mugged. They move on with their evil lives and could care less. What they do care about is themselves and so attacking them either verbally or physically of course would be the most satisfying revenge. The only issue is the potential jail time that might result from your vengeance, but that’s why this saying should be “Erasing someone and leaving no trace that it happened is the best revenge.” Living well probably comes in at a distance second place.

If living well is the best revenge then owning a yacht is like stabbing the guy who kidnapped your daughter.

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