Dumbass Sayings: ”Rules Were Made To Be Broken”

When you were in high school and some of your colleagues were smoking reefer in the girls bathroom you said “Hey that’s against the rules!” to which they replied “Rules were made to be broken…” Umm no. No they weren’t. If that were the case why even bother making rules to begin with? Clearly rules were made so people would abide by them and others would enforce them. If we wanted people to just keep on living like old west outlaws we wouldn't have conceived of and instituted the concept of rules. That's like saying “Floors weren't made to be walked on.” No, that's specifically what they were made for, actually! I think somewhere along the line someone heard the saying “Records were made to be broken” which is actually true and replaced the word “records” with “rules” because they both start with “r” and that person was a moron.

Some people say "Rules were meant to be broken" but then I get arrested. "Don't defecate in public" is a rule isn't it?

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