Dumbass Sayings: "Bringing Down The House"

When you perform your jazz tap dancing routine flawlessly at your family reunion people will approach you after the show and say "Damn, homie! You brought the house down, son!" Brought the house down? Why is demolishing a domestic structure with people inside considered a good thing? How did that become a positive? This phrase should have been banned the second 9/11 happened. No one needs to bring the house down. Keep the house up. Build a foundation for the house. That's a more noble cause than an act of demolition and destruction. If you're doing something great then that should be synonymous with positives. If you're ripping a phat rhyme at a freestyle rap battle people should say "Man, you volunteered for Habitat for Humanity up there!" Now that arguably doesn't make sense either, but it's the more appropriate equivalent of "Bringing the house down."

There's nothing like demolishing the ghosts of people's dead dreams.

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