Dumbass Sayings: "After Dark"

Before your sister-in-law vomits all over her steering wheel and crashes into a newspaper stand she usually screams “THE BEST TIME TO PARTY IS AFTER DARK! AFTER DARK IS WHEN THE REAL SHIT GOES DOWN!” What she’s supposedly referring to is the time around midnight give or take one or two hours. Some people claim that nightclubs and brothels really get going "after dark." Softcore porn shows and movies frequently use this phrase. There's only one problem with this term, “After dark" is morning... If it's after the darkness then that means the dark has subsided which leads way to the light aka daytime. So obviously whenever someone is saying this they either have no idea what they're talking about or they're incredibly confused. People need to stop and think about what they're actually saying sometimes. A better alternative phrase would be “Before light" or at least "At night." Seriously, what the hell is so difficult about saying "At night"? Does that not sound cool enough? Is it cool to be literally incorrect?

I think they mean "No fishing DURING DARK."

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