Ask McFartnuggets: “Is Black Ice Really More Dangerous Than Regular Ice?”

Dear Mcfartnuggets: 
People are always telling me to “Watch out for Black Ice” when I’m driving. Is Black Ice really that much more dangerous than regular ice or are these people racist? Are people afraid of Black Ice just because of its color? That seems ignorant to me. I think we should treat all ice equally. That’s what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have wanted. Am I right? -- Louie from Bethesda, Maryland

Dear Louie:
“Black ice” is really just a stupid term. The ice isn’t African American or even dark colored, it’s completely transparent. It’s the asphalt underneath the ice that is black. To answer your question, black ice IS regular ice. The fact it has a special name is incomprehensible. It’s just ICE. Ice is frozen water. Water is clear. And telling someone to “watch out” for black ice is also idiotic because you literally can’t. That’s the whole reason “black ice” is so threatening. People can’t see it and it causes them to skid. You know why people can’t see it? BECAUSE IT’S CLEAR, not black.

Ice isn't black, it's clear. Get used to it.

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