Ask McFartnuggets: “Is it Still Considered Domestic Violence if My Wife Hits Me on Vacation?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
I was wondering is it still considered “domestic violence” even if my wife is punching and slapping me on our vacation in Italy? I don’t want to try to call the cops and explain what’s going on only to have them say the violence doesn’t qualify because we’re around six thousand miles from home. That would be pretty embarrassing. I mean what can they even do? We’re on vaca! She can’t just stay in an Italian prison, right? Would Italians even understand what’s going on here? -- Mike from Carson City, Nevada

Dear Mike:
Yeaaaaaaahhh… I don’t know about all that Italian stuff, but I can tell you that yes it’s still domestic violence even though you’re not in your actual domicile. The “domestic” in domestic violence refers to the fact that this is a person you live with or have a very close relationship with. A girlfriend and boyfriend from Canada could be beating the shit out of each other in Peru and it would still be considered “domestic violence.” Hope that answers your question.

Domestic violence is almost worse when you're on vacation because you're supposed to be having a good time. Also you're startling people.

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