Ask McFartnuggets: “Who The Hell Shops at Rent-A-Center?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
What is the story with Rent-A-Center? It’s a place where you can go rent a refrigerator or a washing machine. Who the hell would rent a washing machine? How do these places stay in business? -- Bjorn from Temecula, California

Dear Bjorn:
Well Rent-A-Center is a “rent-to-buy” business where if people rent things long enough they get to keep them because they’ve paid for them in full. Aside from that, the type of person who would rent household appliances like floor lamps and microwaves are people who live for the moment. These people don’t take life for granted and assume they’ll be alive in ten, five, or even one year. Think about it, if you’re planning to die in the next six months or so, why would you waste thousands of dollars to buy fridges, dishwashers, and plasma tvs when you can just rent them for much less? Terminally ill people are among Rent-A-Centers best customers. Fortunately for the company, enough people rent-to-buy to make up for the high turnover of dying customers.

Sometimes you just have to rent a toaster.

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