Dumbass Song Lyrics: "Even If You Were Broke, My Love Don't Cost A Thing"

Jennifer Lopez has a song called "Love Don't Cost A Thing" in which she says: "Think I'm gonna spend your cash, I won't. Even if you were broke. My love don't cost a thing." First of all, if I was broke how the hell would you spend my cash? You're damn right you won't spend my cash, BECAUSE THERE IS NONE. So even if I was broke your love doesn't cost a thing? That doesn't really make sense. I'd think me being broke would be the expressed reason your love wouldn't have a price rather than to have the price of your love be zero dollars in spite of me being broke. Why would anyone charge a broke person for their love? Unless they can take a loan out on your love that doesn't even make good financial sense. If I'm broke then your love can't have a price or else I'm out of luck. The lyrics should be "Because you're broke, my love don't cost a thing" or "Even if you were RICH my love wouldn't cost a thing." If she said that then it would make sense. And lastly, I'd hope your love never has a price because if it does that means you're a prostitute. Not being a hooker shouldn't be something you have to brag about.

Who would charge a hobo for sex?

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