Ask McFartnuggets: “What is My Kitten Having Nightmares About?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
I just got a kitten named Madam Fluffyboops and she’s only a month old and already having nightmares. When she sleeps she writhes around, twitches, and kicks her little furry feet. What is going on here? What has it lived through to cause these fears? What could a little baby kitten possibly be having nightmares about? Is it having a nightmare about not being cute? -- Donna

Dear Donna:
Your kitten is not technically experiencing a “nightmare” so don’t worry. What you’re observing is known as “activated sleep.” This is a phenomenon where a very young animal will involuntarily twitch and move during sleep so as to strengthen their muscles while unconscious. It’s very important for kittens to get exercise so when they’re going all nutty while they’re asleep that’s actually helping the kitten get stronger.

Maybe it's having nightmares about being crushed by a giant hand...

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