Dumbass Sayings: "So Full of Life"

Whenever a family is murdered in their home or die in a car crash they always interview a neighbor on the news. Inevitably, the neighbor will say "They were just so full of life." Why do people say this? Yeah they were full of life, as opposed to now because they’re lifeless corpses, right? Of course they were full of life! That's what living people are like. You just observed people living. Why is the news interviewing these people anyway? “They were so full of life” is the default thing a distant neighbor says about a dead family because they have no closer insight. If we really want to know about what these dead people are like let’s get some of their relatives on so they can elaborate further on how full of life they were. Of course no one would expect the news to do that because first off it would be insensitive to barge into a wake and ask people about their dead relatives and secondly no one really cares to know the details of a random dead person’s life. No one truly wants to know the specifics so we just accept the “They were so full of life” line and move on. If it’s worth being interviewed about a dead family it’s worth doing right. Know your shit about the Williamsons or decline the interview. No one needs to hear your vague bullshit on the 5 o’clock news.

He was full of life, now he's full of bullets.

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