Ask McFartnuggets: "Does My Xbox Kinect Know I'm Playing Video Games Naked?"

Dear McFartnuggets: 
I have a Kinect for my Xbox One and I just realized it could always be watching me and it's also hooked up to the internet because I have Xbox Live. Is there any chance the Kinect could be seeing me when I play my games in the nude? I'm a little paranoid now because I've been considering a career in politics when I get older and I really don't want those videos to ever surface when I'm campaigning. It would be pretty crippling to my campaign for the electorate to see me playing Tony Hawk bareass naked. -- Kenny from Florida

Dear Kenny:
I doubt anyone is watching you play the games naked, but it is a possibility. You have to remember that they'd need a specific reason to watch you. They can't just record everyone, that would take up too much memory. Unless they have a nipple sensor that tells them when they're seeing something special then Microsoft probably won't watch anything you're doing.

It is possible that when you're playing Dance Dance Revolution naked in your room someone else is watching.

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