Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Do People Say ‘Je Suis Charlie’ But Not ‘Je Suis a Kosher Deli”?

Dear McFartnuggets: 
After the Paris terrorist shootings I see a lot of people saying “Je Suis Charlie” to show support for the Charlie Hebdo newspaper, but almost no one is saying “Je Suis a Kosher Deli” to show support and solidarity for the four people who were killed in the kosher supermarket. Why won’t people get “Je Suis a Kosher Deli” trending on Twitter and social media? Is it because the people who died were Jewish? Is it because “Je Suis a Kosher Deli” doesn’t sound as catchy as “Je Suis Charlie”? What was the name of the kosher deli anyway? The news barely mentions it! -- Leshonda from Harlem

Dear Leshonda:
Well first of all the name of the kosher supermarket is Hypercacher. If anything people should be saying “Je Suis Hypercacher” but that doesn’t quite have the ring of “Je Suis Charlie.” Plus “Hypercacher” is supposed to mean “Super Kosher” so it would be weird for people to say “I am super kosher.” That wouldn’t really make sense. If people wanted to show solidarity for the victims of the Hypercacher shooting they would be saying “Je Suis Juif” which means “I am a Jew” since the victims were targeted for being Jewish. Maybe people aren’t ready to do that yet. I don’t know. For right now it’s easier to show support for the victims of the main attacks since that was an attack on free speech and cartoonists and generally speaking there are more people interested in free speech and cartoons than there are Jews. It’s just a numbers thing.

We all need to show support for kosher delis right now.

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