Ask McFartnuggets: What if the Virgin Mary Had Octuplets?

Dear McFartnuggets: 
If the Virgin Mary had octuplets instead of just the one baby Jesus what do you think would have changed? What in life would be different? -- Sully from New Hampshire

Dear Sully:
Well that's a ridiculous question, but I'll answer it anyway. I think if there were eight equal Jesuses then people would have to wear eight crosses when they wear crucifix necklaces. It would be a little weird sort of like a charm bracelet for the neck. Also the holy trinity would be the holy tennity or whatever the hell a trinity is when there's ten parts to it. That thing where you make a three point connection in the air in front of your face would get a shitload more complicated. Aside from that I can't see how much more would be different.

It's a good thing Mary's zygote didn't split. That would have made things very complicated.

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