5 Rejected “Sharknado” Sequel Movie Ideas

Look, a windnado.
Ever since the SyFy movie “Sharknado” came out in 2013 everyone and their great aunt has been proposing ideas for a possible sequel. Unfortunately the producers of “Sharknado 2” decided to stick with their original concept of a tornado made of sharks and ignored my suggestions. Even though none of my ideas were chosen I still thought I would share them so the world can have an idea of what it’s missing:

5. “Corenado”
The idea here is that the core of the earth becomes a giant tornado and spins the world around super fast. Then a team led by Hillary Swank and Tara Reid has to tunnel to the center of the Earth and detonate a series of explosions to stop the corenado. I actually think they might be working on this one.

4. “Tomatonado”
This would have been a fun movie idea just for the name alone. It’s a lot of fun to say “Tomatonado”. Imagine everyone you know talking nonstop about “Tomatonado”! I would be enough to drive you to suicide.

3. “Jizznado”
I can understand them rejecting this one. While, a terrifying concept, it’s completely inappropriate for TV. At least this might still be an option for the porn adaptation.

2. “Dwarfnado”
A tornado full of dwarfs would be very scary and not because little people are frightening, they’re not. It would simply be frightening to see that many people trapped in a tornado and being flung around. Plus because it’s dwarfs there’s a little tongue-in-cheek humor there which is what SyFy movies are all about. You don’t see enough movie projects for people of reduced physical stature these days. This would have been a boon for the dwarf acting community.

1. “Diarrheanado”
What’s scarier than a tornado made of pure diarrhea? It doesn’t even need to be human, but preferably it would be. SyFy missed a huge chance to partner up with Taco Bell for this huge TV movie extravaganza.

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