Dumbass Saying: “The World Is A Stage”

If the world is a stage,
that would explain all the
overdramatic douchebags.
“All the world’s a stage” is from the Shakespeare play “As You Like It” and since then it’s been repeated by millions of people who actually believe it. If the world is a stage then that means we’re all actors which means if your dream is to be an actor then you’ve already achieved your goal. If the world is stage then acting is even easier than people think because it’s merely the act of breathing and existing. Of course the world isn’t a stage and it’s foolish to suggest as much.

By telling people the world is a stage, you’re encouraging them to be dramatic for no reason. The world is full of people who love fabricating drama for themselves and I’ll bet a lot of them do it because part of them believes the world really is a stage and they want to be the star of their own little production. These people are by and large extremely annoying to be around and feed off the reactions they elicit from people positive or negative. If the world is a stage then we should be able to throw tomatoes at these idiots. And if the world is a stage then who’s the audience? Animals? Have fun spending your entire life entertaining animals, ya freak.

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