People Are Trying To Ban The Word “Bossy”

If you're going to punish someone
for saying a word you have to be
a little "bossy".
There’s a new movement that some women are trying to get trending called #BanBossy. Their goal is to ban the word “Bossy” from public use because it’s demeaning to women and discourages young girls from pursuing executive positions of power, or something. The problem I see with this banning of the word “Bossy” is that in order to “Ban” a word you have to be bossy and boss people into not using it. Now there’s nothing really wrong with that when you’re trying to ban a word like the N-word or the C-word or the M-word or the R-word, but when you’re bossing people into not saying “Bossy” that’s just ridiculous. That’s like singing a song about how you hate music. Would anyone listen to you? No, because your entire concept is flawed. To top it all off the word “Bossy” is not even that bad or damaging to anyone. Beyonce said “I’m not bossy. I’m the boss.” Well if you’re the boss then what you do as a boss is automatically “Bossy”. That’s how words work.

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