Dumbass Sayings: “Those Who Can’t Do, Teach”

People need to be taught to do.
So if you know how to do that's
all that matters.
A saying you hear from time to time is “Those who can’t do teach.” I don’t know how this ever got popular to say. This is incredibly insulting to teachers. Why would you attack teachers? We need them! It doesn’t matter if they’re not good at what they do, they’re willing to teach what little they do know to young people for the betterment of society! Without teachers, all kids would be left to their own curiosities and while some would still seek knowledge and learn, most would just wander off and live like feral wolves. Could you imagine a world of only homeschooled children? Every single conversation ever had would be awkward as hell. Schools are important and without teachers there are no schools. Remember that before you shoot this little saying out of your gullet.

Plus, this saying doesn’t even really make sense. An English teacher teaches because they can’t DO English? What is there to do with English besides teach it?! Read it? Well they can certainly read it so that’s wrong. And of course a math teacher can do math. If they couldn’t what would that class be like? So if they can’t do math, they can teach it? That literally makes no sense. If they can’t do it they can’t teach it. They’d just be letting students read from the textbook and try to figure it out themselves. That’s not teaching. “Those who can’t do, can’t teach” makes more sense. I don’t think anyone would argue with that saying.

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